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FAQ for Patients

We make it easy for patients to get in touch with their doctors by providing doctors with sections where they can capture their contact details: phone numbers, location (including a map and directions), email address, fax numbers.

When you login to the CheckApp website or mobile app, search for doctors within a specified area, you get to see all available, practising doctors within that area, their current residing areas/country/city etc before you can schedule for an appointment. Patients will get to see available doctors and those not available and when they will be available. Publishing the doctor’s residing cities, town and countries is mainly for those patients who would prefer one on one in-person sessions with the doctor.

After every session, patients get to rate their sessions for the day, which will help CheckApp on maintaining quality of its services and working on issues found. Patients rate the doctors, provide feedback, and share their reviews. This also helps other patients check details of doctors through ratings, reviews, and specifications before choosing a doctor. However, doctors are not able to rate their patients, due to patient/doctor confidentiality clause.

There is no one specific browser that one need to use to access CheckApp we support all major modern browsers.

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