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Welcome doctors, specialist and health professionals
CheckApp is a healthcare practice management system that allows you to manage your patients, receive appointments booked online, send them reminders and manage billing.
CheckApp - Patients


See what CheckApp can do for patients.

  • Register or sign up for the CheckApp to easily monitor your records.
  • Review all services offered by doctors.
  • Browse or search for available doctors in all fields/specialities.
  • Search and find nearest available doctors
  • Choose preferred Health Practitioner (HP), whom you are comfortable with
  • Make appointment bookings and wait for the HP to respond by either accepting or rejecting the appointments.
  • Cancel an appointment when necessary
  • Have virtual or direct consultations with your HPs.
  • When making payment, the CheckApp accepts both offline and online payments.

Health Professionals

See what CheckApp can do for Health Professionals

  • Easily manage patient records at your fingertips.
  • View patient details and requested services. View and update own details and services offered.
  • Manage your appointments, accept, or reject bookings.
  • Manage operating hours.
  • View patient details, upload documents, and store the data for easy retrieval.
  • Manage your practices and calendars.
  • Create and manage your own booking cancellation policy in place for patients.
  • Have live video calls with your patients or colleagues.
CheckApp - Doctors