Benefits for Health Professionals

You will soon see that CheckApp not only assists but will save you time in running your practice, allowing you to focus on taking better care of your patients.

Online Booking

Patients can book for appointments online through CheckApp. You can easily schedule or reschedule your appointments. Give your Patients the option to visit in person or online through our tele-health features.

Medical Records

Capture patient visits and clinical information, generate referral letters from templates and request patient record access from patients by means of patient file consent web flow. Which empowers the patient to have control over who has access to their medical records at the same time allowing the health professional access to the patient's medical history.

Document Management

Using a document management system, you can receive, manage, track, store, and reduce the amount of paper you use.


Send reminders to Patients through email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram directly from your PMS profile. Use built-in templates or create custom ones to suite your requirements.

Patient Management

Health outcomes can be influenced by quality patient care. This contributes to a better patient recovery experience.

CheckApp - Doctors Scripts
CheckApp - Doctors Accounts
Medical Billing and Claims

CheckApp will handle your medical claims, submit claims and get responses in real time, generate invoices, process them and receive payments so you can focus on your practice. Check member eligibility to claim and validate medical aid details for the main member and dependents through the family check feature.

Medical Templates

We have a basic selection of templates for every day practice usage. This includes scripts, medical certificates, and referral notes.


With our easy-to-use calendar, you will be sure to never miss any of your appointments with a patient.

Integration with accounting packages

With CheckApp, you can use our free build in billing module for your accounting or integrate with your existing accounting package such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Business Cloud, and Sage Evolution.

Reporting and Statistics

You can stay informed on the performance of your practice with an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard and reporting features available on CheckApp